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👥 Disconnect 10 days from social media

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Starting today until the end of the month (= 10 days) I will disconnect from any of the major social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter)
@ayrton BOLD! I'm considering doing the same for email, but I really can't. Instead I'm not turning off my auto-responder. 😬
@rrhoover for me it's all about focus, and the same reason why I disable almost all of my notifications on my phone. I don't like how much I am drawn/forced to my digital life while I should probably focus more on my actual life.
@ayrton Try Self Control (http://selfcontrolapp.com) It will lock you out for good, even when you restart your computer.
@kaigradert thanks, I'll have a look
@ayrton Self Control can be brutal. It literally locks you out.
@ayrton Wow that's a big goal 👏Everyone should do this but in our connected world it's harder and harder to disconnect (or rather it seems harder and harder). Good luck doing it 💪
@ayrton will u still answer my texts is the real question here
@grlalx yes iMessage is still my thing