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πŸ₯— Find a good nutritionist to take my eating habits to the next level

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I'm trying to get my body fat below 14%, coming from 18.9% in May last year. Currently, I'm at 14.9%, mostly due to working out regularly (3 - 5 times a week), drinking less, and being aware of what I eat (and no longer eat).
@ayrton Yay, good luck with it! I can recommend my nutritionist, just in case. She does not focus on dieting/weight loss, but more on a long term nutrition goals, based on your blood test and DNA test. LMK if you want to talk to her.
@aleks_muse that sounds super interesting. Does she do remote too? I'm in SF next month so I could possibly do tests in-person then.
@ayrton Yes we work remotely with her (she is based in Kiev).
@aleks_muse this sounds perfect, can you pass me on her contact details? πŸ™