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Surprise my wife with a nice gesture! (ideas anyone?)

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@authenticeddie breakfast in bed?
@authenticeddie what a nice goal. I like @illonage's breakfast in bed idea. Alternatively: Go to an Airbnb Experience with her. Some of them are very unique and a bit more of a surprise than your standard dinner and a movie date night.
@illonage @rrhoover She actually surprised me with dinner and a movie during the work week (we usually never see each other during the week since I work and go to school full-time and stay pretty busy) so I had to clear some time. She could tell I was being especially happy and flirty with her throughout the day via text.
@authenticeddie Breakfast in bed is a nice one! Also simply coming home to a sweet post-it note from my SO always feels nice.
@authenticeddie Maybe you can buy sweet stuffs like "effervescent bath ball" (not sure about the English here), a meeting for a one-hour massage and things like that. You build like a tresor hunt adventure, where she needs to go step by step, pick up the products you bought her then you finish on a sweet touch, to finally join you on a 1:1 dinner in a cool restaurant. It takes a bit of work, but in final it's very fun and if it's her style, she will love it
@authenticeddie I want to know what you decided on and how she liked it 😍
@abadesi I got some custom shoes for her that have a picture of our dog printed on them. I also got her a nice coffee setup since she complains about the instant coffee she currently drinks. I am looking into taking her out on an Airbnb Experience on our now booked trip to Puerto Vallarta.
@authenticeddie Wow those all sounds great, nice work 🌟