Learn to build a mobile app (IOS)

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@asmiler hi Ali, which course are you taking to learn SWIFT? If you need any suggestions just let me know. I am learning how to code too 😀.
@angeliquesocial I have been looking only but not settled on one yet, I would love to get some suggestions. :) how is your learning coming along ?
@asmiler Hi, I am following the course How To Build An App For Beginners (Code with Chris) and I enjoy it because you code along with the video instructions. The videos are free but there is a paid version if you want to get help and feedback from the tutors. I can recommend this because I am planning on building my first app with most things I have learned from this course. Let me know which one you picked curious to know what else is out there :)
@angeliquesocial Hi Angie, I started with Code with Chris and really think its a great course thank you for suggesting. I will let you know how i get on.
@asmiler Nice! I'm glad you like it. Let me know if you have any questions. The War Game app is a good way to get started with Swift.
@angeliquesocial Thank you Angie, Also Congrats on your launch. I will defiantly suggest your app to my wife. :)