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Launch 3 products until end of 2019

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@asepbagja why do you want to launch 3? why not to focus on the only?
@roman_eaton just want to challenge myself to finish some ideas that already in progress. Do you know the problem with side project? Start tinkering and never complete it 😆 That's why I want to complete and launch all of them, and see what will work and what won't. Then I can focus with one that really work.
@roman_eaton @asepbagja got you! that makes sense. good luck, Asep!
@asepbagja Good luck! Are all of your products going to be completely different or do they fall under a similar theme?
@astha_sharma all are completely different. From agriculture tool, developer tool, and marketing tool. These ideas are inside my laptop for months haha. I have to stop procrastination and launch them all.