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Learn Web Development

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@asanovski_berkan what kind of web development are you learning about? and what do you plan to build?
@abadesi Hey, i want to learn how to make websites. like full stack websites with front and back end finished. I am learning Javascript and i want to learn NodeJs for the backend. But now i don't know what to do because i am preoccupied with my bachelor degree. I am finishing a PR bachelor degree and i kind of want to work as a PR, but Web Development would be my hobby. As the product i would like to create, i have a couple of ideas for co-working spaces but i am not telling anyone shhhh... it's a secret. Or something for the travel industry. I have a couple of ideas that i need to finish, maybe i'll find a partner here on Makers to make the website so that i can manage the whole PR behind the website 😃