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Being unblocked at Github

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@arthur_tkachenko wow! curious for what reason you were blocked?
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@diskevich @anthilemoon not very easy to tell, but i was marked as spammer. Terms was changed and was not really aware about it. and right now about 1200 issues that i created between my projects are hidden and our work are frozen
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@arthur_tkachenko that sucks. I hope you hear back from them soon!
@anthilemoon yeah. i got a reply - support was a bit un-friendly(like talking with a bad guy). but i told them to check my profile - they figure out that i'm a good contributor and i just need to clean up the mess and they should un-ban me soon
@arthur_tkachenko That's great news! πŸ™Œ
@arthur_tkachenko I didn't know they blocked people! Edit: changed "they" to "know". Damn ya autocorrect!
@harowitzblack me too :) but i got into same trap as before( 4 years ago ) - put all eggs into one place. But it's ok - companies evolving and they change their terms often.
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