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Hunt Groceristar on PH

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@a1iusman i need some motivation here - because we're stuck :(
@a1iusman We have lack of resources right now. I'm tired to code it myself and my current number of interns is not able to complete current pending tasks. Not complaining - I see here an opportunity. So instead of launching whole project - I'll post on PH few small open-sourced modules, that will drive more attention to us. And I plan to launch coding school for students, that wants to gain first real experience - it will increase number of team members and maybe things start to go fast.
@arthur_tkachenko I have bit long answer for this from Marc Andreessen - In an established company -- no matter how poorly run or demoralized -- things happen. They just happen. People come in to work. Code gets written. User interfaces get designed. Servers get provisioned. Markets get analyzed. Pricing gets studied and determined. Sales calls get made. The wastebaskets get emptied. And so on. A startup has none of the established systems, rhythms, infrastructure that any established company has. In a startup it is very easy for the code to not get written, for the user interfaces to not get designed... for people to not come into work... and for the wastebaskets to not get emptied. You as the founder have to put all of these systems and routines and habits in place and get everyone actually rowing -- forget even about rowing in the right direction: just rowing at all is hard enough at the start. And until you do, absolutely nothing happens. Unless, of course, you do it yourself. Have fun emptying those wastebaskets.
@arthur_tkachenko Saying this, you will face challenges all the time, as its not always a matter of holding good cards, but sometimes playing a poor hand well ;)