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Grow interns team up to 100(99) number

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@arthur_tkachenko Sounds like a pretty impressive amount of interns! What would they be working on?
@guillaumebardet it's a number of people that helping me with my startup, soon it'll be one year (October 2017). Usually it's developers, undergrads, that want to gain experience in real startup. Not just creating a pet-projects. Roundly, we have ~ 20 people working together at same time
@arthur_tkachenko That's awesome, I hope your project is going well!
@guillaumebardet i like the progress that we've done, but as usually - i want more and in short amount of time. But again, i'm still learning how to maintain big amount of people together, so this is also a challenge and good way to master a project management skills
@arthur_tkachenko Definitely, I've managed up to a dozen but never really above that. It must be tough sometimes, I am sure you are learning a lot.
@guillaumebardet in my prev company our larger number was 10-11 people, different teams. But right now i have a few teams, where i don't understand a tech stuff, so i cannot help them as developer. and it's hard to understand chat, but i'm try to use a same agile approach, without keeping my nose at code.
soon might be completed....