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Create a Web demo for rynk, my blockchain voting app

Completed on
@artem_smirnov what do you mean by demo? Like a demo walkthrough video? If so, you might want to check out Loom.
@rrhoover No I meant a POC actually, but thanks for Loom, I'll definitely check it out!
@rrhoover Loom is great, thanks again for the pointer!
@impishpimp yes, but on the Hyperledger Fabric blockchain
@artem_smirnov ooo interesting, I'll have to do more research into Hyperledger Fabric
Looks like by the 9th I'll have just the backend. This loopback stuff is so weird.
Did I really believe I could make it till the 12th? Huh.. Yeah, but it helped me to get a gig on Upwork!