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πŸ‘‹ Trying to validate the market fit for our new product

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@arjan_de_wit What's your current segment?
@satwaya Hi, thank you for the question. Currently we are focusing on a small group in affiliate marketing. We have an idea to tackle one of the main problems for this group, but without validation your idea is just a guess.
@arjan_de_wit How do you proceed in order to validate it?
@kristian_naess Thanks for the question. We are reaching out to people to people in a target audience where we think our market fit lies. The way we try to validate our idea is to ask them what their currently workflow is and if they have any things that they think could be better in that said workflow. If they respond, and that's a big if, but if they respond you start a conversation and try to find out if your guess was right, fits in their workflow and if they value the idea enough to eventually pay money for it.
@kristian_naess @arjan_de_wit Do you send emails or surveys? Have you tried calling people or go out on the street and ask them?
@kristian_naess Mostly email and surveys. Our target audience is worldwide so going out to the street is kind of pointless we think or we have to be very lucky, because it's quite a niche. However, we have spoken to many people that specialised in this field in the co-working space where we are located.