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Launch a meditation app built specifically for Alexa 🎧

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@aracena nice! Related: Take a look at AirPod-focused meditation app, SelfMonk, which launched last week.
@rrhoover Ryan thank you so much. I made selfmonk :P so the idea is to take the same meditation audios but make an Alexa skill with them
@aracena LOL! Whoops. I missed that. :)
@aracena @rrhoover haha I just invited him here a while ago, he launched the #1 Product today too! πŸ™Œ
@rrhoover @amrith Amrith thank you again you have been very supportive in all this process, I have learned so much!!!!
@rrhoover @aracena Keep launching cool things πŸ‘Š