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📨Evaluate email platforms for weekly updates

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I'm interested in your output @apvarun, thanks !
@fmerian Currently the two options that I'm considering are MailerLite and Zoho Campaigns. My considerations for the same was for the below reasons: - I am not looking for email automation, will be sending personalized hand-written emails 3 to 4 times a month - Not require higher email daily limit - Reasonable price and there is no income gain from it (at least for a couple of months) I'd like to know of any other email services that you think are better than these :)
+1 MailerLite. I also worked sometimes with Revue, I really like how simple it is to edit, share and archive campaigns.
@fmerian I'm also looking in to SendInBlue. Heard some great comments about it. Btw, I did take a look at Revue, but Stripe isn't supported in my country yet😕.