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Validate if this is something people will be interested in

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@arturo_ojeda Looks fun (esp. for the PH community), not sure about the benefits of this though? Would love to learn more
Hey @dqmonn1 ! thanks for asking. The idea is about discoverability. I've seen two big cases when looking for an app to solve a problem: apps that are not very popular (hidden gems) and apps that have too many competitors (similar apps, difficult to choose). I'd like to have a way to solve both problems. For example, I've seen that there are lots of personal finance apps but many people don't know about YNAB (, which I think is the best one out there. Other examples of apps that are an important part of my daily workflow (work related or not): PushBullet, Basecamp, 1Password (why choose 1Password instead of LastPass? which one is more popular?), etc.. 👆🏻I'm trying to understand if by generating a DB of the stacks some people use helps other people discover new things that work well in combination. I'd love to have your feedback: And comments 😬