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Make my first $1

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@anthonyrod5 what are you selling!?
@rrhoover Hey! Thank you for asking. I'm currently working on a Service for Geocoding addresses. There might be other products out there that do this, however I want to solve my own problems. It would serve as great opportunity to gain momentum to push out other ideas I have about around online services for companies and people. I would also like to use this time to suggest what I think could be one of the best features for producthunt. "A better search experience" It would be nice if this site can become the "AppStore" of the internet each time one needs a product to solve a specific problem. Again, Thank you for replying and the great job you've done building this community. 🙌
@anthonyrod5 Good luck mate! :)
@harowitzblack Thank you so much!
@anthonyrod5 It's the best feeling when your project brings the first money, good luck :)
@nikolay_siabrenko I really appreciate it. Thank you so much!
@anthonyrod5 that's one of best feeling to have I recently enjoyed it in one of my product. Good luck :)
@anthilemoon You have to be "real". Lower your expectations and surprise yourself 🙂 Thanks!
@anthonyrod5 You can do it 🤑
@abadesi Hahah! I like it. Thank you so much. 😛
@anthonyrod5 That's a great goal, what are you hoping to make a revenue from? You should let us know, depending on what it is I am sure the makers community can help you check this one off :)
@guillaumebardet Thank you! Geocoding addresses is my first approach. Should be a simple and fun project. No big expectations or anything. I'm solving my own problems first. Then, I'm planning to go further and building other services around it. Thank you for replying! 🙌 It means a lot.