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Anne-Laure Le Cunff@anthilemoon Β· Founder, Ness Labs

πŸ€” What are the best options for drip email content? Mailchimp, Drip, Convertkit?

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@anthilemoon I would check out Intercom. We've used it for email and on-site messaging. You can create targeted and trigger-based messages which should serve just about any purpose. Although a tool like CovertKit might be easier to setup and use as it's built for drip campaigns.
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@rrhoover Awesome, thanks so much! I was thinking about installing a live chat too so Intercom might just be the one. Will look into it. :)
@anthilemoon I signed up for Drip and it seemed easy enough to create drip email content. I could get test campaigns up and running fairly quickly.
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@nishanthsamala Awesome, thank you so much! I like that they have a free tier so I will probably play with it. You need to pay straight away with ConvertKit, even though I don't have any subscribers on that list yet.
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@anthilemoon Yeah the free tier is was really enticed me to give it a shot. Good luck with it :)
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@anthilemoon If you are looking for free version to get stated with Drift might be an option for you.
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@iamsooraj I think that's what I'll do! Thanks so much!