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πŸ’– Publish paper about polyamory

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@anthilemoon Looking forward to reading it, where will it be published?
@brendonrell Probably just Research Gate or SSRN. :) Will send you the link once it's live!
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@anthilemoon I'm fascinated by this. I used to tell a friend of mine that there's probably tons of dudes out there for her, not just The One. She didn't like that statement at all, perhaps because we were dating at the time. Any way, good luck with the paper. I'll keep an eye out for it.
@laxbrownie Thank you! Yes, it's fascinating how everyone has a different perspective when it comes to commitment, exclusivity, and overall happiness in life. The paper is still under review here but you can already have a look. :)
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@anthilemoon Hey thanks so much for sharing! I got a chance to read the paper and I found it fascinating! I'm curious to know if you personally thought any particular findings stood out to you the most? Also, side question: in the paper, it says ~55% of the the participants identified as as LGBTQ+. It wasn't by design to have a rough split of participants who identify as LGBTQ+ vs not, right? Or maybe that split is representative of a given population?
@laxbrownie thanks so much for reading it! I was very surprised that women were overall more comfortable with non-monogamy than men. And when it comes to LGBTQ+ it wasn't by design, but I did post the survey on poly communities so maybe it did skew the population!
@anthilemoon why do you publish to SSRN instead of your own blog?
@blake_harp I don't have a self-hosted blog and it would not suit my audience on Medium. Plus, nice to automatically get a DOI, number of downloads etc.
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