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πŸ’– Get 500 answers to questionnaire about polyamory

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I just had a quick look at the survey and it has 370 answers. Since I won't start analysing the results until next week, I figured... Why not wait and see if I can get to 500 answers to make the results more statistically significant? Link still here and tweet for anyone who would like to fill it out (it's anonymous) or share the link.
@anthilemoon how come you made a questionnaire on polyamory? Just curious~
@anna_0x I'm interested to see if there could be something similar to the Kinsey scale that would apply to the monogamy/polyamory spectrum - I've had lots of conversations about it, but I wanted to do a survey to see if there's a more systematic way to look at it. :)
@anthilemoon Oh, I see! I'm pretty sure Polyamory is like that (a scale) but of course I've no evidence to back that up πŸ˜›
@anna_0x Follow up: the paper is still under review here but you can already have a look if you're interested. :)
@anthilemoon Hey, thanks for the info! :) I just read it. Here are some thoughts. Concerning the following part: "More surprisingly, only 29.8% of respondents identifying as monoamorous (n = 17) scored zero on the overall Relationship Openness scale." I don't really find this surprising, especially identifying as monoamorous myself ;) About this part: "they are more comfortable with additional sexual relationships than with additional romantic relationships, both for themselves and for their partner." Makes sense. We know ourselves best so that's generally more OK, we understand what it would mean to us specifically but we wouldn't be sure what it would mean to our partners (for example "does that mean that they don't find me attractive/exciting/satisfying enough?") Now this is interesting: "The small sample of non-binary respondents scored higher [...] on [...] their overall relationship openness score." Perhaps (and this is of course a guess) non-binary people are more open to taboo ideas in general and don't care about conforming. That's all! Good luck :)
@anna_0x Super interesting thoughts, thanks for taking the time to read the paper and to share your comments! 100% agreed that it's easier to understand and therefore accept our own actions a they come with all the necessary context, whereas lots of our peers actions are left to interpretation. And yes, I also thought it was interesting that non-binary respondents felt more comfortable overall with the idea of opening up their relationship. Thank you! :)