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πŸ’– Launch questionnaire about polyamory

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@anthilemoon curious what you're working on! Happy to answer the questionnaire if helpful (although I practice monogamy).
@rrhoover I'm interested to see if there could be something similar to the Kinsey scale that would apply to the monogamy/polyamory spectrum - I've had lots of conversations about it, but I want to do a survey to see if there's a more systematic way to look at it. Happy to share the survey when I launch it, quite a few questions for poly folks but you can just tick N/A. :) Thank you!
@anthilemoon fascinating! I know a few poly folks that might be willing to participate.
@rrhoover amazing, thanks so much! Will share very soon - just need to re-read it a couple more times. Cheers. :)
Here is the survey for people who'd like to participate. Ryan was very kind to share it on his Twitter if you'd like to re-tweet so it reaches more people. Thank you!