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Finish Neuroscience module 6

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@anthilemoon I'd love to pick your brain! I want to major in neuroscience eventually, and would love to hear what your day to day work / research looks like!
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@impishpimp I'd be happy to talk about it, but I'm still very new to it and only started my Masters this summer. :)
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@anthilemoon amazing! where did you go to school for your bachelors?
@impishpimp In France, I did my bachelor's and master's in management there a few years ago. Higher education is much more affordable than in the US there!
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@anthilemoon that's such a good point! I have dual citizenship to the EU and was thinking of eventually going to college over there! maybe germany or ireland.
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@impishpimp oh you should definitely consider it, they have great unis here! Let me know if you need help navigating the system. :)
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