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@annchichii which kind of skillset are you looking for?
@annchichii @ayrton and what are you planning to build!?
@ayrton Thanks for the message, Ayrton! I am looking for full-stack developer (ideally). Or any part you'd love to participate if you are interested.
@ayrton @rrhoover Hi Ryan (& Ayrton again!), thanks for the message! Side project idea: I notice that for people who want to help with Nonprofits, the resources may seem scattered. It might be great to have a platform for people to look for opportunities to help. On the platform, the Nonprofits can also determine what help and actions they need currently so other professions (designers included) can contribute. This idea is not solid yet and can be open for discussion. So I'd love to see who might be interested in this. 😎🙂Thanks!
@annchichii This is a good idea. So the service would be matching the two parties? Would people be volunteering their time and services, or would they be compensated with a monetary value? Or both?
@_danielmeade Hi Daniel! Thanks for the reply. Good question eh. Yes, I am thinking that can be a match for two parties. Volunteers can sign up and mark the skills they have and want to contribute Organizations can sign up and create posts for what they currently need. So far, people come to donate their time and services without any compensation. Would love to forget about the monetary aspect at this moment that people come and help others. That’s the original idea. And they can leave reviews for their experiences. (TBD) One side note, eventually I’d love to have a donation page links to nonProfits respectively. Sometimes they just need money first to keep things going first then plan what they can do later based on budgets. That’s when the platform can also be of help when there is a need for volunteers. Really like what you do with the project(Ella); really helpful in bringing the awareness. Hope I answer your question and that this info helps. : ) Feel free to let me know should there be any questions!😌 Thanks!