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πŸ’» Finish & upload personal website

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@anna_0x do share link once you are done :)
@anna_0x Don't hesitate to share it with the community :)
@mrcalexandre thanks! It's linked to my profile~ Just uploaded it but not 100% ready yet. I want to have it in 3 languages, right now, only the English page is up and I have 2 broken links. Also, the js animations don't work online, even though they work offline... maybe GitHub Pages does not support js anymore? Or perhaps I need to tweak something to make it work on GP...
@mrcalexandre @anna_0x Looking good to me! πŸ™Œ
@mrcalexandre @amrith haha yes, by the time you posted, I'd fixed all the issues ;) Thanks!