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πŸŽ“ Finish "The Web Developer Bootcamp by Colt Steele" course on Udemy

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@anna_0x Great course, definitely worth completing! That was my first step into a career as a developer :)
@kara_byrne that's very encouraging to read! I spent 2-3 days researching what the best and most well-rounded courses for learning web development are and finally settled on this one. It seems like it teaches you pretty much everything needed to start out and I person teaching the course is likeable and gets his points across nicely so watching the course is enjoyable.
@anna_0x Yes, he's a great instructor! If you decide to dive deeper into the Javascript/React side of things, Stephen Grider is also a great resource for learning :) Hope it goes well!
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@kara_byrne thanks for the tip, I searched for his name on Udemy and found out I've already bookmarked one of his courses! (I don't pay much attention to names)
@anna_0x Good luck on completing the course! I have this course on my Udemy account, but have't made time to finish. Thanks for the reminder. Haha. :)
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@muygalan haha pretty much same here :)