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πŸ”Ž Find a static website hosting provider I like (GitHub Pages, Surge, etc) that has a free tier - suggestions very welcome

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@anna_0x Github pages is the best! It can handle a lot of traffic. If you know to code, then you could use Heroku or but both of them have limitations.
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@anna_0x without hesitation ! The free tier is just amazing. You can deploy more often than Github pages, there is asset optimisation built-in, one click roll back, the UX is excellent. It works with every generator, not just Jekyll...!
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@sahinkevin Thanks! For now GutHub Pages is enough but I will keep Netlify in mind for the future! Does sound better indeed :)
@anna_0x it depends of what approach do you like. github pages ok, and netlify is a great tool for testing your frontend work or static pages. you can also use Heroku - but if website is simple - then netlify is the bestway
@arthur_tkachenko Hello, thanks for the tips! I'm basically looking for a place where I can host a simple, very small (5-10 MB max) static website long term and connect a custom domain to it. A free tier is necessary for me to check out if it works well, but after that a small monthly or yearly fee is fine. Would GitHub Pages and Netlify work for that? I see Netlify also has BitBalloon, when I tried the demo (uploading a website folder without registering first) it didn't work though, but perhaps my browser configuration is to blame. I've also come across and I didn't even know about Heroku, obviously it's overkill for now but I may need it in the future, thanks!
@anna_0x Surge and Heroku is a bit similar things. and Heroku have ability to attach a custom domain. In order to summarize(what and how i use this startups friendly projects): ~ Heroku: deploying my nodejs app(mostly servers). it give me a custom domain(URL) that i can share with other people. Best choice by my opinion. Use it more than a year ~ Netlify: i use it only for deploying our react projects(works without a lot of configuration). Use it 2-4 month ~ Github Pages + Docusaurus(Facebook team): for documentation websites. Use it 1 month i saw at least 2-5 projects, that was published on heroku and then hunted here. So i think it's a good way to test your ideas!
@arthur_tkachenko Great, thanks for the info! I ended up using GitHub Pages for now and linking it to a custom domain. Everything works fine, but the funny thing is that on GitHub's repo options under GitHub Pages it says "Domain does not resolve to the GitHub Pages server. For more information, see " But when I type the domain name, the page I have on GutHub shows up just fine! Any ideas? I mean it works, but it says it doesn't πŸ˜†
@anna_0x azure websites - pay as you go - run a free server, can host 10 sites. custom domain mapping is extra (small vs free) however, you can simply do a godaddy redirect from to