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@anna_0x What made you choose Jekyll over so many other things? Curious :)
@amrith you mean Jekyll over other static blog generators or Jekyll over a regular CMS like WordPress? Answer to #1: I assume it works best with GitHub Pages since it's made by the same people. Answer to #2: a CMS needs to be installed on a server and you need to pay for actual hosting whereas static sites can easily be hosted for free instantly. Static also means you don't have to update any CMS and if you wanna switch hosting providers you just copy paste the files. I've also heard regular CMSs are slower in general and the only advantage appears to be the ease of use... On that note, I'd like to use something like Netlify CMS on top of Jekyll in order to have a UI for posting. Most people prefer it over uploading text files manually 😜 (like a friend of mine who'd like a blog, can't pay for regular hosting but isn't technical enough to be OK with uploading text files to GitHub whenever she wants to post something) Wow, that's a long answer 😁