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Organizing a local female boot camp

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@ancitrakatanci Good luck! What's the bootcamp for?
@abadesi we want to help create diversity in the tech office. But first, we need to start by building capabilities for as many woman as we can, so we are starting with a 3-month course. We just published the landing page - Doing this definitely! :)) Thanks!
@ancitrakatanci Looks great, a very important mission!
@ancitrakatanci If it's anything code or design related, let me know how I can help 😄
@jonathanzwhite Hey! Thanks for your offer. We are on a lookout for consultants for the program. So if you are interested in talking, or giving advice how to structure the program, let me know. Here is the initial landing page that we created - :))
@ancitrakatanci I'd love to know more abut the bootcamp. I've been running Startup Weekend Women before and it was amazing experience.
@aleks_muse hey! So, actually, this is a local initiative, to help create diversity in the tech office in Macedonia. You can check more info on the link Let me know if you have any feedback or comments about it! :)))