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@angeliquesocial What is your app about and how do you use Instagram to market it? :)
@satwaya Hi, I am launching YourApparel for iOS soon. It is an app showing the users what they can wear every day out of their own wardrobe. Swipe left if you don't like it, swipe right to pick your outfit and start your day :). I have some followers on Instagram and I have been posting screenshots and short gifs and videos of the app to keep them informed and engaged. I also had a competition where the followers could share the YourApparel page and mention one or more of their friends to win a free promo code.
@angeliquesocial That's really cool, love the app! Does it has some algorithm for the combination or it's fully random? :)
@satwaya Hi Joshua thanks for your reply! At this moment the user makes the combinations. I am interested in implementing suggested combinations (with AI). Any feedback is welcome as the app is in its early stages and changes will be made gradually. You can find the PH launch page here
@angeliquesocial Cool! Thanks for sharing the PH page :)