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Write my first case study

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@andikanbassey For your portfolio? Case studies take so much time to create but I think it's a good investment especially if you want to find new clients or a new job.
@syswarren Yup I agree with you on the fact that they take time to create but I'm currently undertaking a product design course that requires me to write a case study to earn a certificate.
@syswarren Which would then help me get a better job that would finally get me the mac I've been wanting after😋
@andikanbassey What are you doing a case study on?
@mahad_aamir It's an airline's website
@mahad_aamir From the looks of it the site's UX is good but their UI is poor
@andikanbassey that sounds awesome! send a link to it once you finish :)
@andikanbassey Looks awesome man! I like that you kept the case study short and sweet with lots of pictures, something I always struggle to do haha. Also, love the user persona's. Did you design them yourself or did you use something to put them together? Here is some feedback I have: - Try including featured deals like Emirates or Lufthansa does so that way potential customers can see what your airline has to offer. - I would remove agent login from the main landing page view and stick it in the footer just because it won't be relevant to most users. - If checking in and managing flight both require log-in I would say combine it just like how the Lufthansa website does making making it less repetitive and also saving a ton of screen estate. Let me know if you have any questions! Keep it up 👊🏻