Andikan Bassey
Andikan Bassey@andikanbassey · Freelance Graphic Designer

Find an experienced UX designer to mentor me

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@andikanbassey Not senior by any means but feel free to send me a DM with any questions that you might have 😄
@andikanbassey I'd love to help too, I think would be great to have it as peer review. I'm here for you and might need your help too!
@mandrinoliliia Thanks a lot can we DM?
@andikanbassey absolutely, my email is or let me know what is your fav way of collaboration/feedback sharing. Thanx!
@mandrinoliliia thanks I'd be sure to send you something this weekend
@andikanbassey I'm very much junior but I'd love to give / receive feedback 💕
@impishpimp Sure my DMs are open