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πŸƒ Run a 10K marathon

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I've enrolled for a marathon this Sunday and it'll be my first! So excited, though I don't think I've ever done 10 kilometers at a stretch before 😬🀞
@arthur_tkachenko Thank you! I keep running outside regularly but they're usually 5 kilometers or less.. I've been told that I can jog and walk too so that should be fine..
@amrith warm up, don't follow pace makers. just listen to your body and enjoy your ride
@amrith if you run at least 8 times distance of 5m - then your legs ready for 10km. but, don't run fast, especially if it'll be warm weather
@amrith That's a great goal! πŸ’ͺ Enjoy your 10K and keep us updated on how it went πŸ˜ƒ
@amrith Technically a marathon is only 42.185 km. But you can run a 10K in a marathon race bc they usually stage it for people challenged by 5, 10, 10+n, half and full. You can train for a 10 within three weeks. Here's one way how: Rule #1 have a reward to run TO. I started running by running TO beer. If you have never Hashed before (hash house harriers), join for your first run. You can run and walk and no one cares and it's a very goofy club with vulgar songs, BUT you will find the route engaging, guaranteed. Rule #2 use an app to map and record your runs and your pace and announce the kilometer marks. Rule #3 do NOT avoid hills as differences in terrain will keep you interested, and though flats seem easy, they actually can be hard. Boringness in your runs will often lead to negative self-talk. Whatever you do, you are doing fine, you're doing great. Don't kill yourself, just chug through to the finish. Start with 5 K. Run at a slow pace - between 6 and 7 min / km - and if you get winded or hear your pulse in your ears (hill climbs), walk a block or two, big steps. Repeat your 5 K runs until you have max 4 intervals of walking. Then go on an 8 K run. After having done an 8, your 5K runs now are 6K runs. Watch your pace, let it hover around 6 min/km. Start stepping up your distances. When you do your 10K race, it could even be your first 10K if you find your progess is slow. Doing 8.5 is proof you can do 10. But if you want to kick ass, run-walk the 10K route once, the week before the race. Good luck!
@amrith Sorry I missed the "this Sunday" part. Obvs you're already in the program!
@janerette No problem! πŸ˜… That's some solid advice, I really appreciate it! πŸ™ I plan on making attending marathons a regular thing so will definitely keep this in mind for next time. Thanks a lot!
@amrith my first long run was a half marathon and I barely made it in a decent time. 10K is a much better way to get started with long running.