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Setup nginx on AWS for microservices

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@amit_gupta9 Are you running on EC2? Need any help?
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Thanks @kicksopenminds . Yes I'm running on EC2. I've got some tutorials. So hopefully it should go well. But I'll definetely ask you if I stuck. Thanks again.
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However I may need your help to setup mongodb. I'm not able to figure out the EC2 instance size to setup mongodb. I want to set it up for my mobile app which may expect 1000 monthly users (for next 3 months). I don't want to waste money in the starting. Each user can have data upto 100kb in starting.
@amit_gupta9 Would using a hosted MongoDB service work for your application? It can take some work and can be expensive to run Mongo yourself (especially high-availability, with backups, etc). I would recommend taking a look at the MongoDB Atlas service which has a generous free tier.
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@kicksopenminds I just checked MongoDB Atlas. Free tier supports 512mb storage only and no backup
@amit_gupta9 If the 512MB is enough for you to get started, it's what I would use for most apps personally. 512MB can really store a lot of Mongo documents. For Mongo backups, you have some options beyond the official Atlas feature. Here are some examples. Also, AWS just announced DocumentDB, their Mongo-compatible service, though it does cost hundreds of dollars per month to run.
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