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Take more care of myself, exercising and spend time away from all screens

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@amandineflachs This is a great goal! If you have an Android phone, there are quite a few features you can use to minimise distraction and spend more time away from your screen.
@anthilemoon Thanks! I actually just smiled when I saw the part on using google assistant because I tried but it doesn't understand me at all. Even waking it just saying "ok google" is picked up only after several attempts. Anyway I'll def try the other tips mentioned! It's crazy how everyone is trying to figure out their life outside of their computer or phone. I see so many ppl struggling with this.
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@amandineflachs Haha yes it takes a while sometimes for the Google Assistant to really pick up your voice! And yes there is definitely a trend of people trying to be more mindful of their interaction with technology. Good luck. :)
@amandineflachs This! I've failed more times than I've ever tried. I feel so busy. I hope to not die by overworking 😂
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@harowitzblack Same atm! But I think summer time is the best moment to start new habits, once it is part of your routine it might *hopefully* be easier to stick with it when it's get crazy busy again.
@amandineflachs do you set yourself a goal time to be away from screens? e.g. 30 mins a day reading a book, etc.?
@followdaniella Not at the moment because I know I couldn't stick with it but would like to at some point v soon. My current job requires me to stay on my computer all day, however, I take several breaks to cook, exercise and learn music through the day.