Amandine FLACHS
Amandine FLACHS@amandineflachs · Tech startup advocate interested in VC

Complete my application for Bethnal Green Ventures TODAY

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@amandineflachs If you're looking for fresh eyes on your application 👀 I don't mind helping out
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@dannyaziz97 Thanks for offering your help Danny! Actually this is a job application rather than a pitch submission, I should have precised ;)
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@dannyaziz97 @amandineflachs That's really exciting! What position are you applying for, may I ask?
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@jamesg_oca @souhailmerroun @dannyaziz97 Thanks for your message! I applied to an investment associate role, after working with early-stage startups for 8 years I am now looking to get into VC. 🤞
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