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Deal with my mental health

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@tcodinat This is a great goal. Do you have any strategy to deal with your mental health? Meditation, CBT, journaling, seeing a therapist, or maybe just spending more time with the people you love or doing things you love?
@anthilemoon Well, I have tried therapy but it went terrible for me (I stopped after 5 or 6 sessions), so I'm thinking to deal with it in other ways, by simply finding new ways to relax, things to clear my mind, journaling as you said is also a good idea, etc.
@tcodinat Yes it's great to explore different approaches to figure out what works for you. Lots of nice meditation/affirmation and journaling apps on PH. Good luck. :)
@tcodinat what kind of therapy? I tried CBT for about half a year before realising it really wasn't the right style for me. Then I found a humanist therapist and it's been life-changing, really. I recommend trying different styles of therapy/therapists, if you can. I am lucky because I can afford to go private, because in the UK the waiting lists are so long 😞.
@temilasade I see! Might give it another try, then ^^
@tcodinat Best of luck! I'm still working on this very thing, so I hope everything goes well for you! If you ever want to simply have someone to lend you an ear, I'm happy to do so.
@dawnmicaela Thanks, you too! Things like this are always tough to handle and deal with, really. And appreciate the offer - I'm open too to that ^^
@tcodinat I recommend Headspace 2.0 which has helped me keep a clear headspace over the last few months and be more relaxed. I have been using it for just over a month and I feel it has benefited both my personal and professional life.
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@tcodinat nice! I bought the app "Mood Notes", each time I write a couple sentence about my current mood, it instantely helps me. Like, the moment after I finish writing. Maybe take a look at it too
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