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@allisonsilber What will the blog be about? 🙂
@aleks_muse I used to blog full time in the wedding industry before selling the company. Currently just looking for that outlet that I miss so much now. It would be more personal, especially regarding books/podcasts things I find that inspire me. Honestly, it is more for me than anyone :)
@allisonsilber That's awesome. Let me know if you want to share your blog link :)
Haha well it tends to be a good approach @allisonsilber! Their is usually people 'just like you' out their looking for the same content. :) As someone that has been blogging for a while from what you mentioned above, I would be curious to know your thoughts between Medium and starting your own blog. It seems like you plan to create your own correct? Besides having more control is their any other reason why? Stats, SEO etc?
@guillaumebardet I was a a full-time blogger back in the days of custom-coded sites, so Medium and other platforms are not something I'm as familiar with. From what I've seen, Medium is a really great outlet for a certain kind of content - and has great vitality built-in in a way that other platforms do not. To me, it seems like a great place for a blog that supports another business/product. Creating something from scratch or through Wordpress/Squarespace, etc. allows for better design flexibility as well as an opportunity to create a brand, other product pages, etc. that allow full-timers the chance to earn revenue and have the kind of links and other resources that support it more as a business. Of course, it all depends on the goals of the blog. There are definitely examples of Medium working really well to create a brand and visa versa. My personal plan is to create my own site so I have that flexibility in the future.
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Thank you very much for your detailed response @allisonsilber. That makes a lot of sense. I completely agree that it depends on the goals. Starting your own blog for full-timers seems like a better long term approach as you really have a lot more flexibility like you mentioned. Thank you again for your thoughts on this!