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Print namecard for all ElasticRoute staff

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@aline_tan envious...
@aline_tan When you looking to launching?
@drew_dunn1 We are going to launch in October! You can actually subscribe to our upcoming page in Product Hunt or go to our website to play around with the app
@drew_dunn1 @aline_tan Alright just subscribed. So is this your first launch on product hunt or have you launched before?
@drew_dunn1 This will be our first launch on product hunt! Any tips for me?
@drew_dunn1 @aline_tan I am still pretty new to this site, but everyone is so nice and helpful. I am planning on launching in a week or two. Did you guys find a hunter?
@drew_dunn1 I see.. We are going to hunt for ourselves, as we can have more control of the launch :) how about you?