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Start getting up earlier πŸ™ˆ

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@aleks_muse that's something practiced by trained professionals. Do not attempt :p
Don't listen to @vamshi4001. You can do it! I wake up at 5-5:30am every morning and love it. Routines make it easier, for example I wake up and head to Philz every morning to get caffeinated and start the day.
@rrhoover I tried! but staying late till 2 AM was easy for me :)
@rrhoover I saw your super early tweets and was like how??? πŸ˜€ I tried so many times but couldn't sustain it. Also not aiming for 5, but at least 6 or 6:30 instead of 8. Do you go to sleep early too? What's your motivation to get up so early and how do you spend that time?
@aleks_muse the easiest way to get up early is to get to bed early. I enjoy the mornings but also have to get up early for work as 6 to 9am PT is the busiest time on PH.
@rrhoover That's a strong motivation. Also, morning routines would be a great topic for Maker Stories cc @abadesi On a side note: activity on Makers does not count for my general PH strike? πŸ”₯😭
@aleks_muse What time do you want to aim for? πŸ™Š
@jonathanzwhite 6 or 6:30 to have time for my morning routines before i jump into work.
@aleks_muse A huge help for my early starts has been to not bring my mobile phone into my bedroom. I find it sucks time before sleeping and when you wake up. Without it, when the alarm goes you're forced to get up. You can't snooze and there's no social media/news distraction. Do you use your phone as an alarm clock? I have a Lumie light instead to help me wake up - highly recommend.
@aleks_muse @abadesi only reason why I currently have my phone in the bedroom is for the alarm functionality. I should get an OG alarm clock
@aleks_muse @ayrton Do it! I have one of these and they get me through the long dark Northern Europe winters
@abadesi Thank you ❀️
@abadesi I'm snoozing kinda person πŸ™„ Also, I use SleepCycle which has an alarm clock. I will take a look at Lumie though, you have a point about bringing the phone out of bedroom
@aleks_muse I personally don't really care much about getting up earlier, but I do care about sleeping more. What's your motivation for getting up earlier?
@ayrton Motivation is to have time for my morning routines before I jump into work. Being in the rush in the morning makes me stressed out for all day, so I need around 2 hours for myself.
@aleks_muse that's a very good motivation
@aleks_muse Set your alarm for an early time and put your phone far from your bed so you're forced to leave your bed to turn it off. PLUS, you won't stay on your phone at night before crashing which is a double win
@aleks_muse so hard! I’ve been trying to get up without pushing snooze... impossible!
@evacbennett yes I'm very good at snoozing. πŸ˜€What's your real wake time vs ideal/desired?
@aleks_muse ideal: 6:25, actual: 7