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Meditate 10 min every day in August

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@aleks_muse are you using guided meditation or doing it on your own?
@whyperspective I do guided with Headspace and SImpleHabit
@whyperspective @aleks_muse Is Headspace Premium worth it?
@samuelpolat I would say yes if you are a beginner and need guided meditations. I personally like the variety of guided meditations for different situations, from fighting stress to concentration to gratitude, etc. So every day you can choose a meditation depending on how you feel.
@aleks_muse How is it going so far? 😌
@amrith I need to work on it better :) Thank you for reminding me about this goal! 😊
@aleks_muse Love this goal. I have been meditating everyday for 20-40 minutes for the last 3 years now but I started with 5 minutes. So, you can start small too as long as you do it every single day. Happy to support and give some tips too! It is the most empowering feeling to start your day with those x number of minutes doing something just for yourself, not out of compulsion but out of volition (free choice). All the good vibes your way!
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@veni_singh Oh thank you!! 😊 I was trying to do 5 min a day daily for a few months, but I feel like it is not enough, especially in the stressful days. So I'm aiming for 5-10 min in the morning, and 10-20 in the evening. What is your routine?
@aleks_muse I started with just 5 minutes before leaving for work. I designated a space (nothing fancy but the same place) and a ritual (lighting a candle in my case, super simple). I just lit the candle and sat there for my eyes closed - doing a quick checkin (awareness of my emotions, body, energy and thoughts) along with acceptance (non-judgement of my state) followed by gratitude. You can do whatever works for you - even just deep breathing with eyes closed. Now, I do pranayama, yoga and meditation every morning along with a cleansing routine (21-40 minutes, depending on what I do). Then 12 minutes in the afternoon and 12 minutes in the evening. But it all started with 5 minutes and commitment to it. For example, if I have to choose between breakfast at home and meditation, meditation wins :) So, I feel like I train my brain to prioritize conscious decision making over compulsive (hunger/habit).
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@veni_singh Wow, that's an awesome routine. Something I would love to aim for in the morning especially. And I totally agree – it all starts with a simple 5 min commitment. :)
@aleks_muse Sending all the good vibes you way <3
@aleks_muse Good luck with that. hang in there
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