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Update my 'Now' page for March

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@aleks_muse How long have you been following this from Derek Sivers? How has it helped you?
@amrith I started pretty recently, last November to be precise. I find it to be a great addition to a personal website or blog, especially as I'm a freelancer now, the Now page gives more perspective into who I am and what I do beyond my work. Here is my recent page Do you have one?
@ayrton It is a kind of movement started by Derek Sivers which is basically people adding a “/now” page to their personal websites to answer the question “What are you focused on now?” I love learning what people are working on! Something similar what we are doing here at Makers now 🙌🏻 😀 I find it a great way to show my friends, clients, etc, what I’m working on now, what kind of projects and side projects (especially as a freelancer). I add some personal info like hobbies, new experiences, books I'm reading to give people a better understanding of who am I, especially if they want to work with me in the future, or just chat if we share similar interests. Also, it helps me to summarize things and create a bigger picture of what I'm up to every month. Looks very basic: