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Looking for ways to meet more creators that work in Excel, Google Sheets, Trello, and Asana. Coda ( is a programmable doc that lets you have a spreadsheet, doc, and database in one tool.

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@alchen I signed up for Coda awhile back but have never taken the plunge. When I quickly glance at the marketing materials, I see that I can do a lot of different things but I don't immediately understand the unique philosophy, angle that Coda has. So I end up not having the motivation to sift through all the features and to try to understand the nuance of how tracking a list of potential hires through Coda differs from trello or airtable or quip. For me to be more motivated I would need to messaging that makes me feel like, "wow. this thing I do on Airtable is 10x better on Coda"
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@marcojelli Fair point, we are revamping our marketing material to make the vision more clear. That is, a doc that can be as powerful as an app. If you are coming from a data analysis and spreadsheets perspective, the one thing that separates Coda is the formula language which is "behind the scenes," and only apparent to those who have dug deep into writing formulas.
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@alchen I use all of these besides Asana to try and string our work flow together!
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@alchen This is my first time hearing of Coda and I signed up immediately. Your homepage is definitely compelling and crafts a good story (the story part is key). It looks high powered and like it can do everything - the one stop shop. Your "From Our Makers" section on the template page is well done too - having the short videos/gifs inline to showcase the features of the template make me want them more. Clicking on the people in the top is also a fun little extra feature. Nice work! Wish I had more feedback to give, but it looks like you guys are doing great work
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@kevinguebert Thanks for the support Kevin. I'll get you on the list for the private beta, curious to get your thoughts about the platform once you've kicked the tires a bit.
@alchen I have worked with Asana and Trello. I have come across coda in the past. But never really looked into it.
@iamsooraj If you're still on the waitlist, DM me your e-mail and I'll get you access to the beta.