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Planning NYC Maker Meetup for Feb '19

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@alchen ah didn't see this before, we are hosting one on the 22nd :)
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@fanahova Where's your meetup? Ours is on the 26th, if anyone is interested: https://makermeetupfeb2019.splas...
@alchen Got a space at the Company building at 335 Madison Ave, right next to Grand Central. I'll be away a couple weeks starting the week after but I'll make sure to stop by for another one :)
@fanahova Cool, I've heard that space is pretty awesome! Do you have a link to your meetup? Is it open to the public?
@alchen Don't have a link, I'm inviting people manually one by one. Let me know if you want to come by :)
@fanahova yeah sure, what is the meetup about? maybe just dm me the details?