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Get my app off the ground

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@akshat_jagga what your app do?
@sivaram636 It provides you with minimal watch faces to customise your Apple Watch - you can see it here -> https://www.producthunt.com/post...
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@akshat_jagga Do you have a plan of attack on how to get it off the ground? What is your biggest challenge right now? Finding new users? Improving the experience within the app? Getting the word out in general?
@jordibruin Our current goal is just to get users so that we can spread the word really quickly - because we truly believe that Watchimise is a great product and there aren't any apps like that available on the App Store. We are also focusing on improving the app based on the feedback we are receiving. Our plan of action has been simple - create a domino effect to gain exponential traction. So far we have been featured on Product Hunt today! We have also spread the word on Twitter, Facebook and blogs. Currently, I am trying to contact journalists that like our product and are willing to write about it.
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@akshat_jagga Sounds like you've got this under control! Maybe post about it on apple related subreddits as well, there's plenty of people there who are into customizing their Apple Watches.
@jordibruin @akshat_jagga Do you have a referral scheme for existing users?
@jordibruin @abadesi Not yet! We may plan to do that in the future. Do you have any ideas on how to promote our app further? Thanks!