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Find people who're looking for internships and startups looking for interns, for my upcoming project

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@adithvictor I am not interested in an internship right now but I would like to know more about your upcoming project. Many people are looking for internships and don't know where to start.
@mrcalexandre 👈 It will help connect people looking for internships with early-stage startups and side-projects which have an opening for interns. I'll be launching the beta on 25th April. Do spread the word ✌
@adithvictor sounds like an awesome project for students like myself looking for internships! Can't wait to check it out when it has launched. Keep me posted for sure
@daynairn Hey! I've launched the beta. As of now, details of Internships will be sent via email. So, go ahead and sign up 👉 :)