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@adelaida_sofia what language are you learning? I wish Duolingo supported Korean. I'm not planning to be fluent but it would be nice to be able to pickup a few words spoken by my girlfriend and her family. :)
@adelaida_sofia I'm on Duolingo too to refresh my Spanish! Which language are you doing?
I'm doing French and Portuguese :) Going to Brazil for a month or two so want to get some bases down! Also Spanish is my first language if you ever need help @legionof7! Can hop on a DM to explain anything you need :) @rrhoover good news! Looks like they added it recently . I'm sure your gf and her family will appreciate the effort <3 :) PS: Would love to friend you both (and any other Makers seeing this!), my username is: adelaidasofia (always nice seeing others going at it on the weekly leaderboards)