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Upload 1st #Techieslikeme video online

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@abii_mohamed I'm intrigued 👀 what's this about?
@abadesi It's an idea I and Buki had when we were designing our tech workshop which hopefully is out the end of July. #TechiesLikeMe (Buki came out with the kool name - after an hour naming conversation) would be an online Q&A session with local techies as a supplement to the workshop(s). The 1st one is out (with Mass), I'm having conversations with Buki about the 2nd one.
@abadesi @abii_mohamed just saw you completed the goal. Mind sharing a link, Abi!?
@abadesi @rrhoover Sure! It's https://youtu.be/4Oh4dy_8qmg Please any feedback is great feedback, I tried to keep the answers as light enough for non-tech people to understand.
@abii_mohamed nice work! I like the casual tone of the video although I might focus on avoiding background noise + getting microphones to improve the audio quality. Also, the intro could be a strong "hook" to get people curious/interested in watching the whole video. Some podcasters do a great job of this by sharing a compelling quote/audio snippet from an interview in the beginning.
@rrhoover Thank you! I was a little bit worried about my 1st try. Your right, I will be doing some research on buying a good microphone. Hopefully the second episode will be better. Ooooo sharing a compelling quote/audio snippet is a good tip!!!