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Experiment with a longer fasting window for intermittent fasting

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@abadesi not to be that "tech guy" but are you using an app to help with this? I've heard good things about Kevin Rose's Zero fasting app.
@rrhoover lol, be that "tech guy" that's a great idea I'll check it out 👍🏽
@abadesi @rrhoover I use Zero, it is all you need to track your fasting 👌🏻
@abadesi What benefits have you experienced from fasting? I've never tried fasting since I'm concerned it would affect my performance during the day and at the gym 🙊
@jonathanzwhite I do a 12 hour fast but have been tempted to do more 16 hour fasts (the norm) I just struggled when I tried in the past. I find that I am more focused, sleep better, eat less overall, appreciate food more, eat healthier (less sugar), I've become way more sensitive to stimulants (so need less coffee/green tea). I'm leaner / less bloated on my tummy and it hasn't impacted my workouts. Surprisingly cardio is fine on an empty stomach but its resistance/strength training I find hard if its been hours since I ate. I recommend at least trying it for a week to see if you get any results.
@abadesi how often do you do 12 hours? I do once a week 16 hours. But daily intermittent I find it hard to keep with a busy schedule, while circadian rhythm (12-13 hours) is more doable. 😕
@aleks_muse I do 12 hours every weekday and often one weekend day, too 😊 this has been the case for about 3 months, now going to see if I can do 16 hours more regularly too. I've read that its easier for men than women on the longer fasts but let's see. The competitive feminist in me wants to prove this wrong.
@abadesi I've read that for women it is harder, so they can make 14-15 hours. Which I guess is easier to keep to in a long term too. Share your thoughts with us later 🙂(I'm starting this week too!)