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@abadesi Maybe lack of resource to implement their ideas? Like most of the time I have discovered most founders are in early stage and they don't have proper design person/knowledge to get started.
@divjpatel Is that a problem you personally faced? What are some challenges you're working on now?
@abadesi Yes, I have faced it couple of times while thinking of implementing an new idea. But due to lack of resource/knowledge I am not able to do it. Thats why I have started to help makers in design part so that they can move forward.
@abadesi Product validation is the number one problem i am always faced with.
@abadesi @itsnblackburn I also face this problem :(
@abadesi How to grow a community of my project after launch - it's my big problem.
@abadesi There are two problems that I face with every projects: 1) Getting quality traffic, knowing how to "hunt" my target audience, finding communities, sharing my website without being spammy, publishing quality blog posts that drive traffic to my website etc. 2) Design. It's really hard to create a website with a unique design without being a designer. How to create / buy nice illustrations for my projects, logo, animations for educational content without spending thousands $$
Thanks for all the helpful feedback!