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πŸ’¬ Get feedback from makers about the beta. wdyt? πŸ˜„

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@abadesi The chat feature is really cool but the design is not the same as the rest of the site (or it's me only?) Also, the button to change the deadline is a bit boring because the goal move while clicking and then I change the deadline on the wrong one... πŸ˜‰ Overall, Makers is really cool, I spend less time looking at my goals than I do on my Trello board (I get sick of this situation) and moreover I like adding goals and getting a summary at the end of the week! About Spaces, maybe you should make them take more space 'cause I use Makers the same as I did before they came πŸ€” My question is, if you open it to the whole community, will it scale and remain friendly? (I would love hearing community thoughts on it)
@satwaya Hey Josh, not sure what you mean about Chat.. its still WIP but yes does look a bit different to rest of site. Same font and colors though. And re: deadlines, the feature will improve don't worry. Solid point about Spaces... they exist so you can group theme-specific goals with other makers interested in the same stuff. Do you think that was clear enough? I'm glad you find it useful. The plan for scaling it is to ensure community members can launch and manage their own Spaces so there are always small, friendly and relevant pockets where you can get help πŸ˜„
@abadesi Thanks for you answer! That was quite clear :) If the goal is to have small Spaces, why not making Chat Spaces room (like group chat for Spaces)?