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2019 Goal: Read 52 books πŸ“• (got 40, counting it anyway)

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@aaronoleary Great to know another reader! Do you have any book lists? I keep my book list on GoodReads, aiming to do 40 books for the 3rd time in 2019 :)
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@whizzzoe I dont keep a list, but at the moment I am working through grapes of wrath, of mice and men, lolita, 4 3 2 1 and Dubliners! I'm big into fiction!
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@aaronoleary That's great to hear! Myself is on the total opposite. I read non-fiction most of the time like innovation, startups, economy, self-help. πŸ˜†
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@whizzzoe I really want to start reading more non fiction! Probably start with the Steve Jobs biography!
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@aaronoleary That's great! Yeah, Steve Jobs is a great book. I also recommend Elon Musk, Nelson Mandela, Viktor Frankl I've curated a book list here: https://www.goodreads.com/review...
@aaronoleary @whizzzoe how do you guys read that kind of books a year , how many hours do you spend ? Also please share the list if possible.
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@aaronoleary will you share the list? :)
@aaronoleary ambitious! How is it going? :D