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Learn React and revamp Portfolio site with

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@aahlfeeyann I just did the course a few weeks back. It was an awesome experience.
@cleavatron that's cool, but do you know where and how to go from there? I feel like its good as a foundation, but to create more complex apps I may need more courses. Do you have any resources in mind?
@aahlfeeyann I went ahead and explore Gatsby on their site. Stuff like advanced GraphQL and static queries, because I was curious. Then, to get a feel for some raw ReactJS, I tinkered around with webpacks configurations and do the tutorials on the site. My conclusion at this point is, Gatsby made things so much easier and less headaches.
@cleavatron I never new how to use Webpack. I do have (basic) knowledge of JavaScript, but never got to understand how Webpack works. Any particular resource for me to learn from? Also, I agree, Gatsby makes things a lot easier. When I learned React the first time with create-react-app its still quite confusing.
@aahlfeeyann Here's a link where I learned all the Webpack stuff:
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